This spotted lanternfly (SLF) egg hatch prediction map is designed to provide an estimate of first instar emergence based on current temperature conditions. This model was developed using data from two geographic locations: one in Pennsylvania, and a second in Virginia. As SLF spreads to new areas, this model should be verified in other geographic locations. This model provides estimates for egg hatch only – it should not be considered a certainty.

This is not a map showing where SLF currently exists. The known distribution of this pest is currently limited to specific areas in the eastern U.S. (see here for current distribution: https://nysipm.cornell.edu/environment/invasive-species-exotic-pests/spotted-lanternfly/ ). This model shows hatch predictions for the entire U.S. to provide information on when to begin early detection surveys nationwide.

SLF hatch % (GDD base 10.4 C) 2021

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This work was performed with funding provided to Dr. Julie Urban by
USDA APHIS PPQ and the College of Agriculture, Penn State University.